Project 8

Environment, Initial Position, Task

Proceeding, Achievement

Group of companies in the area of customer specific hydraulic components and systems for mobile and stationary hydraulic/ automotive/ trucks, 2.000emp./300Mio.€/a (2012)

Division Manager and member of the executive board (assigned responsibility for sales calculation and logistics), 1.800emp./250Mio.€/a

Initial Position:
Access to complementary product technology in the USA through a company acquisition, but no manufacturing options in Germany or Europe.

Introduction of the complementary products on the European market.

Evaluation of the supply of the European market with the complementary products out of North American production, taking into account the disadvantage of higher transportation costs, longer lead times and more difficult technical project support for the bulky and heavy products. 

Planning and implementation of a market and feasibility analysis to determine the attainable volumes number and revenue wise as well as the investment to set up a production line in Europe.

Transfer and building up of knowledge in the European teams concerning the complementary products.

Securing of an investment through obtaining of statements of intend for about 50% of the planned volume following personal presentation of the concept to top-customers.

Strategy for the market entry of the new product line in Europe is on hand, including a business plan to obtain over 20Mio.€ annual turnover in the future with above average target result.

First parts of investment realised at selected German location.

Market entry started with first samplings at customers.

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