Innterim Management

MGINCON  is supporting you via Interim Management in the executive board, business unit management or sales management

A sudden shortfall due to illness, an accident or an unexpected fast or short-term required departure has to be compensated.

You want to manage a transition, e.g. during an upcoming generational transfer, a reorganisation or new positioning, for bridging until the start of a succession or in the scope of a special project.

The know-how needed for a special situation or mission is not available internally.
You want to build up particular expertise with employees and transfer experience into your company.

A project needs to be implemented or a new business developed, you need safe navigation.
The orientation, the focus got lost, market and customer access is missing, you need a way based on structured and reliable analyses.

Existing processes or procedures are antiquated and rusted in, maintanance and fresh oil is required.
A spanner is thrown in the works of your customer relations, obstructions have to be released.
MGINCON is offering flexible interim solutions on the level of managing board, business unit management and sales management at short notice.

You are looking for a tailor-made solution for your specific demands in your current company situation?
MGINCON is pleased to offer you a solution adjusted to your personal subject matter.
We are looking forward to your inquiry!