Advisory Board

MGINCON  is supporting you in Advisory Boards or Supervisory Boards.

Your company is moving more and more on the same old maybe meanwhile reeled out rails, you want to support your management with external expertise, find, expand and successfully travel new tracks.

The company-internal sight is limited and given a branch specific positiv spin, you want to gain extended views by complementary, possibly interbranch experiences and a perspective beyond the edge of your valley. 
You are an investor, you want to protect your interests in your shareholdings and portfolio companies also by introducing specific market and branch knowledge and you want to support the achievement of the desired performance and increase in value.

Everyone has done everything always like this and this and that has never worked out or is not running anyway. You need different perspectives, fresh motivation and an alternative clear course.

Neutral conversational partners are missing, your environment is not representing own opinions, you are looking for an open discussion, want independent feedback and need new impulses.

MGINCON assumes advisory board mandates and is available for dialogues at eye level.

You are looking for a tailor-made solution for your specific demands in your current company situation?
MGINCON is pleased to offer you a solution adjusted to your personal subject matter.
We are looking forward to your inquiry!